Realizing Tangible rewards in profitability & efficiency

Executive Summary

According to USDA/NASS reporting, the U.S. Farming Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) of fruits and vegetables accounts for over $100 billion annually. This massive industry relies largely on antiquated systems and time-consuming processes to buy and sell fresh produce. Nominated for an innovation award by United Fresh and developed by a team of industry experts and mobile technology innovators, Growerstock automates an existing supply chain and makes it easy to quickly discover and interact with new suppliers. By digitizing fresh produce pipelines, Growerstock is the way for organizations to transform massive amounts of transactional data into intelligent, actionable insights; the opportunity to leverage the full power of cutting-edge technologies to make clearly informed decisions, resulting in bigger bottom lines.

The Next Frontier

Traditional methods of sourcing are increasingly proving less effective, and in many cases, limiting organizations ability to protect their margins. Digital is the next natural evolution for fresh produce procurement. As the VP of Technology for PMA, Vonnie Estes so eloquently stated “We can’t take full advantage of AI and machine learning without the embedded tools and talent to turn data into insights to improve efficiency…”. When appropriately leveraged, digital can quickly drive optimization of the pipeline and boost overall performance, vital for success in this new evolving marketplace.

At Growerstock, our mission is not simply about digitizing tried and true ways of doing business, but more importantly, about enabling organizations to achieve goals that were previously impossible.

Winning Strategic Advantage

Growerstock’s design of decision-making workflows and end-to-end automation dramatically increases productivity and transparency into daily transactions. Moreover, our centralized procurement enables organizations to easily aggregate massive amounts of data, then transform that data into clear and actionable information to improve sourcing decisions and better evaluate trade partners in real-time.

As other industries have demonstrated, organizations that turn towards critically designed tech, reap tangible rewards not only in profitability and efficiency, but quickly raise the bar for the competition and the entire industry.

Tomorrow’s procurement, Today.

Designed and tested in detail with working industry experts, the Growerstock platform was built to be intuitive, familiar and easy to use. Our quick, no-hassle workflows make it simple for buyers to contact and interact securely with an unlimited number of suppliers with a single click. Buyers select the offers that work for them, then manage the order to completion on both web and mobile platforms.

As an industry recognized innovator, we believe our user-centric approach drives the incredible positive response from every review. The Growerstock vision and attention to meaningful detail will continue to set us apart from expensive outdated legacy systems.

In short, Growerstock provides users with a competitive edge. While we currently accelerate the speed and greatly raise the quality of procurement, this is only the first step in our bigger mission to provide significant savings through AI capabilities for even more precise delivery of the right data, to the right person, at the right time to make the right deal.

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